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December 5 ,2012. Oleg Salmin speaker at the Retail Business Forum 2012

December 5 ,2012. Oleg Salmin speaker at the Retail Business Forum 2012 (Kyiv, hotel Rus)

On December the 5th, 2012 General Director of XXI Century Mr. Oleg Salmin participated as a speaker in II Ukrainian Retail Business Forum 2012. In his presentation Mr. Salmin described the Vyrlytsia mixed-use project, its advantages and specific, distinguishing characteristics, and also told about shopping and entertainment centre as a part of complex. Besides, Oleg Salmin disclosed the peculiarities of co-operation between lessors and lessees, of rent rates structure and also described the components of successful shopping and entertainment centre.

The General Director of the Company took part in discussion panel, where with the participation of lessors, advisers, retailers and journalists the following problems were discussed:

  • The current supply, new and planned professional retail areas on Ukrainian market;
  • The changes in demand on square meters and the forecast for 2013;
  • Managing retail objects in terms of co-operation with lessees;
  • Rent rates for retail areas in 2013, the reasons of their adjustments;
  • Demand on square meters from the lessees side in Kyiv and regions;
  • What square meters rent rate will be the most appropriate in 2013 (searching for compromise and balance, acceptable for everyone);
  • The problems in relationships between lessors and lessees how to come to terms and remove disagreements;
  • Intelligent striking up of rent agreements and revision of existed agreements terms;
  • Factors, which the lessor pay attention on in the process of revising of terms in the agreement with lessee;
  • The options of agreement termination with the minimal financial penalties and losses.

Few photos from the event

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