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Social development

  • as a member of the Ukrainian Construction Association, XXI Century participates actively in the initiation and drafting of legislation for the real estate market, the attraction of investment, the development of new technologies and approaches, and the development and institution of property classifications;
  • every one of the companys construction projects has a social component and involves the improvement of nearby territories: the reconstruction of parks, the planting of new trees, the building of play lots and playgrounds, and more;
  • when developing its residential and commercial properties, XXI Century uses building materials that have been certified in Ukraine and meet environmental standards;
  • with the aim of developing fair and transparent rules of doing business, establishing a positive image for Ukraine, and promoting social responsibility among Ukrainian businesses, XXI Century cooperates with a number of Ukrainian and international associations: The Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA), the European Business Association (EBA), the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC), the Transatlantic Partnership Against AIDS, the Advisory Council under the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, and the United Nations;
  • the company helps fund the publication of books on the topic of social development and business (The disorder of the day, or An agenda for chaos by S. Poyarkov, How convenient to be good, by S. Turkin, and Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter.)
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