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Social Policy

As a company, XXI Century considerably influences the environment, social groups that surround us, as well as employees and partners. Most of what we have achieved and still can achieve depends on our attitude towards our employees, partners and other stakeholders.

We always look for the best ways of combining economic progress, social development and environment protection to provide future generations with better quality of life.

Every one of the companys construction projects has a social component and involves the improvement of nearby territories: the reconstruction of parks, the planting of new trees, the building of play lots and playgrounds, and more. In a narrow sense, we contribute to economic and social welfare of our employees, business partners, and local communities we work with. In a broader sense, we contribute to regional, national and international development.

ղ Century defines its commitment to contribute to sustainable development through providing better way of life for everyone, today and tomorrow. We were and are the national leader in this sphere; we steadily adhere to the main principle improve life for citizens via our projects, and also contribute to sustainable development of our planet and communities we live and work in.

ղ Century uses British government interpretation of sustainable development that defines it as development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This corresponds to our corporate Mission.

Sustainable development combines economic growth, environment protection and social responsibility. For ղ Century such a development provides with an integral approach to consideration of moral and ethic values of our clients and other participants of the process together with their aspiration for better life.

We use World Business Council on Sustainable Development interpretation of corporate social responsibility that defines it as "a long-run companys commitment to behave ethically and contribute a share into economic growth, simultaneously improving the quality of employees life, as well as the life of local communities and society as a whole".

We distinguish the following corporate social responsibility areas:
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