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Revised Company Strategy

In response to the continued global financial crisis and in order to maintain XXI Centurys competitive position in the Ukrainian real estate market, the compony focus on Key Objectives

Maximize liquidity and cash generation through an assertive cost-cutting program:

  • Reduce overheads and administrative expenses;
  • Dispose of non-core assets;
  • Exit non-core businesses;
  • Seek investors and partners for projects and systemic businesses.

Prioritize projects under development and accelerate completion of those projects which are currently under construction.

Focus on Retail as the core business segment.

The company has been involved in retail development in Kyiv for about 10 years, and during this time has established the strong shopping centre brand name, Kvadrat, which is well known throughout the capital region and beyond. Since becoming a public company in December 2005, XXI Century has secured very attractive sites for its Kvadrat shopping centers in most major cities throughout Ukraine and believes that this business offers excellent potential. However, recognizing the substantial investments required both to develop existing sites and to capitalize on the excellent opportunities in this segment, the company is exploring possible partnerships with financial and strategic investors who are seeking a strong development pipeline and rapid entry into developing Ukrainian real estate market.

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