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Noteholder Meeting

Results of Adjourned Noteholder Meeting held on 25 January 2011

The Company is pleased to announce that the Noteholder Extraordinary Resolution has been passed by a majority of 77.70 per cent. of those Noteholders подробнее ...

Notice of Adjourned Meeting

Notice of Adjourned MeetingOn 10 January 2011 the Company issued a notice of adjournment of the Noteholder Meeting until 25 January 2011, which is to подробнее ...

Results of Noteholder Meeting Held on 10 January 2011

Results of Noteholder Meeting Held on 10 January 2011The quorum required for the Meeting of the holders of the Notes held on 10 January 2011 was подробнее ...

Meeting of Noteholders on 10 January 2011

Noteholder Consent Solicitation  The Company has launched a consent solicitation process and issued a notice of meeting (the "Meeting") of the подробнее ...

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