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Here you can subscribe to our press releases via e-mail or RSS.
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Our latest news through RSS

You can now quickly and easily receive latest press releases through our RSS feed.

You can subscribe to an RSS feed using an RSS reader or aggregator or, alternatively, you can use a web-based news reader offered by My Yahoo and others.

More about RSS

What is RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary) is a way of delivering website content. RSS uses an XML code scanning the content of a Web site for updates and then delivering those updates to subscribers through a feed. By using RSS feeds, news is instantly delivered to you as it breaks, instead of you having to navigate the web in search of them.

New versions of internet browsers are able to read RSS files directly, but you can also use a RSS reader or aggregator that could be downloaded free of charge from several web sites. E.g.: FeedReader

Benefits of using RSS

Using RSS reader is a quick and convenient way of checking whether new items have been uploaded to the websites you choose. As soon as a new item appears RSS will notify you, enabling you to see news updates at a glance.


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